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Jigsaw Youth


"Visceral and unpredictable, this book is a narrative that's distinctively told, with many a nod to punk rock incorporated into the larger work." -Vol. 1 Brooklyn

"Such a vivid attention to detail to her work that you can't possibly see everything she's put into it. She's a puzzler." - Electric Literature

"Tiffany Scandal is Lindsay Hunter's literary punk rock sister." -The Next Best Book Club

"Scandal's writing-direct, willful, violently alive." -Entropy

"Tiffany Scandal is a force of brutal talent"- Rios de la Luz, author of The Pulse Between Dimensions and the Desert

Lose your best friend because you finally Came Out. Spend days driving aimlessly because there's nothing to do. Serve your rapist breakfast because you need your job. Fall asleep to gunshots and sirens because that's the only sense of home you've ever known. Hold hands with ghosts. Your life is in pieces, but you can't be broken. Wipe off the blood. Tired of being told who to be, what to wear, how to act and who to fuck. Break the rules and learn fast how to never get caught. All you need is nothing, but you're happy with your car, guitar and camera. Throwing around polaroids of tits like they're money, you swap stories about adventures and realize that we're all running away from something.